Past and present from plastic restriction to plastic ban

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——"Prohibition of plastics, we are in action, don't let this bag ruin the next generation"Series report 2

  On November 29, 2020, we reported that "We are in action to ban plastics, dont let this bag ruin the next generation", which caused a strong response from the society and achieved the effect of propagating the ban on plastics. The ban on plastics in Hainan is only for the whole country. A pioneer in the ban on plastics, an experimental field. Therefore, we must continue to carry out a series of reports to continue to support the ban on plastics throughout the country, and continue to cheer for China's environmental protection cause and the health of the people! Scream!

  For a long time, "white garbage" has caused incalculable damage to our country's ecological environment. The production of "white garbage" that is difficult to degrade can be said to be contrary to the original intention of building a green China. On January 8, 2008, the General Office of the State Council issued the "Notice on Restricting the Production and Sale of Plastic Shopping Bags." From June 1, the production and sales of ultra-thin plastic bags will be prohibited nationwide, and plastic bags will be paid for. Use the system.

  With the passage of time, the ban on plastics is imperative, and a charming province is using actual actions to prove that the ban on plastics is not just talking. On the first day of December in 2020, Hainan Province officially implemented the "Provisions on the Prohibition of Plastics in Hainan." In fact, as early as April last year, the Hainan Provincial Department of Ecology and Environment issued the "Notice on Prohibiting the Production and Sale of One-time Non-degradable Plastic Products Pilot Work", clarifying that Hainan will be divided into steps and phases from April to November. Organize key industries and places to take the lead in carrying out the "plastic ban" pilot work, laying a solid foundation for the formal and comprehensive implementation of the "plastic ban" starting in December.

   After the ban on plastics was implemented, we had the honor to interview Zhou Hongxun, secretary general of the Hainan Plastics Association. He undoubtedly has a deeper understanding and understanding of the promulgation of the ban on plastics.

   1. Hainan began to limit plastics in 2008. Hainan Plastics Association has many restricted member units. As a bridge between the government and enterprises, your association is a bridge between the government and enterprises. Would you please recall the past and present history of plastic limited in the past?

   Zhou Hongxun: Okay. Hainan Province has always had a firm "no" attitude towards "white garbage". Hainan Province is very beautiful, surrounded by the sea, with a coastline of 1823 kilometers and 68 large and small harbors. At the same time, the pollution caused by "white garbage" is also very serious. As early as 2008, according to the unified national regulations, the whole island of Hainan entered the stage of "plastic limit", stipulating that the thickness of plastic bags must exceed 0.03 mm from the production and sales of disposable plastics. The use of tableware is prohibited; the system of paid use of plastic shopping bags is implemented; the supervision and inspection of plastic shopping bags with restricted production and sales are strengthened; the recycling level of waste plastics is improved, and so on.

   2. What is the timeline from plastic restriction to plastic ban, and what specific measures have been taken during the transition period?

   Zhou Hongxun: In fact, "plastic restriction" mainly relies on charging consumers for plastic bags to regulate the market and restrict the use. Now, the "ban on plastics" means prohibiting the production and use of non-degradable plastic products on the island from the source. Nothing can be said to be in place in one step. The ban on plastics does not mean that all plastic products will be "banned" immediately. It is easy and difficult. First, it prohibits the production, sale and use of disposable non-degradable plastic bags and plastics listed in the list. Tableware, etc., gradually transition.

  3. What problems and difficulties have appeared in the process of plastic restriction, and what results have been achieved in the past ten years of plastic restriction?

      Zhou Hongxun: In 2008, according to the unified national regulations, the whole island of Hainan entered the "plastic limit" stage. However, due to consumption habits, production costs and other reasons, the use of traditional plastic bags is still huge. Plastic restriction has obvious effects on large supermarkets. The use of plastic bags in these places has been significantly reduced, but it has little effect on the farmer's market. However, after more than ten years of implementing plastic restrictions, people’s awareness of environmental protection has increased significantly, and they have a clearer understanding of the dangers of white waste, and their ideological support for plastic restrictions and bans is also more obvious. These are very beneficial to our next work.

   4. If plastics are banned, there will be benefits in the long run, but what impact will it bring to life in the short term?

   Zhou Hongxun: People may find it difficult to get used to the shopping environment without plastic bags for a while, and they may feel a little inconvenience. They may also have some concerns about plastic alternative products, such as whether the price will increase or whether they actually meet environmental protection requirements.

   5. After the ban on plastics is implemented, are there alternative products? Can it be promoted on a large scale? Is it economical and durable, forming a virtuous circle?

   Zhou Hongxun: After the comprehensive "plastic ban", fully biodegradable plastic products will become the main substitute for traditional plastic products. The main raw material of this product is degradable raw materials such as starch, and its performance is no different from that of plastic products on the market. Prohibiting the use of traditional plastic bags, ensuring the supply of alternatives is the key. Hainan is planning to establish a demonstration base for the fully biodegradable plastics industry, organize the formulation of industrial development plans, and introduce advanced enterprises to cooperate with local enterprises to form the island's production capacity for fully biodegradable plastic products.

  6. ​​The Secretary-General has participated from the restriction to the ban on plastics. Do you have any good suggestions for the ban on plastics?

   Zhou Hongxun: As a specific participant in the plastic limit, I hope that the existing traditional plastic production enterprises in the province will transform and upgrade as soon as possible, and initially form the production capacity of substitutes, and the implementation of existing projects should be accelerated to strive to form new production capacity as soon as possible.

  From plastic restriction to plastic ban, what is needed is a general mobilization of the people. Only in this way can "white pollution" be expected to be curbed. Please start with yourselves, practice the concept that green waters and green mountains are golden mountains and silver mountains, widely publicize the ban on plastics to family members, neighbors and friends, and advocate scientific, environmentally friendly, civilized and healthy production and lifestyle.

  On December 2, 2020, the reporter went to major supermarkets in Haikou City to learn about the actual situation of substitutes. In Haikou International Trade and RT-Mart Supermarket, it was found that all prohibited varieties have been removed from the shelves. There are only a dozen varieties of tableware, garbage bags, shopping bags, straws and other substitutes. Most of the tableware types are only a few varieties of aluminum platinum boxes and only two papers. Plates, several eco-friendly food bags. Later, I went to the Carrefour store on Jinlong Road and learned from the Haikou headquarters manager that all three Carrefour stores in Haikou were out of stock, and currently there are only a dozen alternative varieties on the shelves. It’s not that I dont want to stock, but there is no source of goods. Some orders are for ten days. The goods have not arrived yet, and some of them cannot be put on the shelves without their certificates. In the afternoon, I went to the Haiken Kerunjia Supermarket on Haixiu Road, Haikou, and learned that all the unqualified products in their store had been taken off the shelves, and the substitutes had been ordered for more than ten days, and none of them arrived, and the shelves were empty. The three types of eco-bags they bought, the large and medium octagonal and hexagonal coins, are twice as expensive as the original four- and triangular-shaped coins, especially the smallest one that only cost a few cents, but now it costs one more. It is ten times more expensive than the original one. Moreover, any supermarket of this variety is provided free of charge. The supermarket has a huge loss. They all hope that the government will give a little subsidy. Otherwise, they can only increase the price of goods and transfer the crops to the general consumption. By. Wanghao Supermarket in Sunshine City, Haikou is just a little substitute. Before the ban on plastics, there were 80 varieties of drinking utensils, but now there are only two alternatives. In the past, the daily sales volume was about 50 packs. Nowadays, except for the food store, other people buy very few. There used to be more than 100 varieties of garbage bags, but now there are no more. There are more than 30 varieties of paper cups. Now it is only a substitute, and sales are three times less. From the perspective of several large and representative supermarkets in Haikou, the impact is huge. Through more than ten years of plastic-limiting experiments, we let everyone understand the harm of some non-degradable plastics to the body and the importance of plastic-limiting and banning plastics. That's why we have gained the attention and support of the public. Restricted plastic products are still common for more than ten years. In fact, the main reason is that the market has not cultivated corresponding substitutes, and a complete environmental protection product industrial chain has been formed. The price cost is much higher than that of the original products, and there is no market. Competitive advantages have led to the problem of plastic limitation that has not been solved for more than ten years. Nowadays, the people’s awareness of environmental protection has greatly increased. The leaders of the Party Central Committee and the government are determined to ban plastics. Everything has a long-lasting substitute. These problems are also expected.

     Therefore, we recommend: 1. With the help of the preferential policies for the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, step up efforts to attract leading national enterprises in the industrialization of environmental protection, and even world-class outstanding enterprises to invest in the construction of relevant industrial chains in Hainan. The relevant government departments should pay attention to policies and funds. Increase support, let them invest in construction immediately, put into production as soon as possible, and produce qualified environmentally friendly products to fill the market.

  Second, the government must allocate a certain percentage of support funds to transform and upgrade the original plastic product companies so that they can produce new products that meet environmental protection requirements as soon as possible, minimize the impact of plastic bans on them, and reduce the probability of corporate failure.

   Third, relevant government departments and industry associations must work closely together to find qualified ready-made substitutes to come to Hainan across the country, guarantee the variety and quantity of substitutes, and stabilize prices and markets. This is the important thing to protect people's livelihood.

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