Analysis of Market Prospects and Status of Paper Bags Industry

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The material of the paper handbag to be a bag can be collectively referred to as a paper bag. The cost of paper bag can be easily degraded in the environment, while the paper bag material is produced by plant production, and there is only plants to cut down and paper, form a few steps. This is relatively less contaminated with the chemical synthesis process of the plastic bag (from the oil gas to polypropylene plastic PP). Paper bag classification includes cement bags, feed bags, wax paper bags, fertilizer bags, complex paper bags, four-layer paper bag, medicine bag, boutique wrapping paper bag, clothing paper bag, gift bag, food bag. Usually used plastic bags are made of polyethylene, the raw materials used are oil, while oil is already our shortage energy. In contrast, the production of raw materials in paper bags is a renewable resource.

According to the Research Institute "2020-2025, China's paper handbag industry market supply and demand investigation and investment potential research report"

Analysis of Market Prospects and Status of Paper Bags Industry

The paper handbag is similar to the kraft paper, mostly in coniferous sulfate pulp to produce, there is also part of the bamboo paste, cotton pool, and cutting, so the paper bag paper is high, generally used to make cement, pesticide, Chemical fertilizer and other industrial products packaging bags. In order to fit the requirements, paper bag paper requires a certain gas permeability and large elongation (extensive paper).

China and other emerging economies may have a strong growth in paper packaging needs. It is estimated that paper packaging accounts for 65% of the entire recycling packaging market. In the past few years, the US and Canadian paper and cardboard recovery have maintained a healthy growth. The recovery rate of Canada is currently 80%, while the US recovery rate is 70%. At the same time, the average renewable paper packaging recovery in Europe is 75%. The low recovery rate in other parts of Eastern Europe and the world is mainly due to lack of adequate modern recycling facilities. In all countries in the world, China's paper packaging demand has grown the largest.

Vigorously develop green printing, green packaging, is an essential requirement for the development of circular economy. It is a powerful initiative to establish a resource-saving society, promote harmonious development of people and nature. The printed community must be aware of the high level of strategy, grasp the importance and urgency of printing and environmental development circular economy with the global field, further enhance consciousness and responsibility.

1, Analysis of the current situation of industry development in 2017-2018
Chart: Development of paper packaging industry in North China, 2016-2018

2, 2017-2018 paper bag market scale analysis
Chart: 2016-2018 North China paper packaging industry market scale

Source: China Industrial Statistical Yearbook

This research consultation report is written by China Industrial Statistical Yearbook. On the basis of a large number of careful market research, mainly based on the National Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Commerce, the National Development and Reform Commission, the National Economic Information Center, the State Council Development Research Center, the State Customs Department, The National Business Information Center, China Economic Sports Monitoring Center, China Industry Research Network, and the latest research materials provided by many related newspapers and magazines at home and abroad. This report conducted a detailed study on the development of the domestic and foreign paper handbags industry, and made detailed research on the market situation, technical status, supply and demand situation of my country, focusing on the focus of domestic and foreign key enterprises, industry development trends, industry investment, The report also discusses the development of the paper handbag downstream industry. It is the paper handbag and related enterprises, investment departments, and research institutions accurately understand the current development of the Chinese market, grasp the direction of development of paper handbags, and provide important reference for business decision-making.