Why are kraft paper bags so popular?

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Compared with other paper bags, kraft paper bags have no advantage in appearance, because the paper bag itself cannot be printed too much, so it shows its original appearance.But as society has become more environmentally conscious, the style of paper bag packaging has changed. Because brown paper bags are more environmentally friendly, recyclable and inexpensive, they are now favored by consumers.

As a packaging material, kraft paper strength is very high, the color is yellowish brown, its advantage is affordable, do not need over film, high sexual price.So what's the difference between kraft paper and plain paper?In the manufacturing method, kraft paper and ordinary paper is not much different.The leather is mainly made of long wood fibers, and the wood is treated with caustic soda and alkali sulfide chemicals.The advantage is that the chemical action of the material can be mitigated so that the original strength of the wood fiber is less damaged.Kraft paper made from this pulp is quite strong.In addition, because the brown brown kraft paper makes the kraft paper bag looks more warm and comfortable to use.

Another reason for the paper bag's popularity is its practicality.For food packaging materials, it is easy to use and practical.In addition is the strength of kraft paper is its biggest advantage, kraft paper because can remain unchanged in the humid environment, prevent the outflow of liquid food, play an important role in packaging.In fact, China's kraft paper bags and foreign or a little gap, mainly in the industry is not concentrated, the utilization rate is very low.However, this shows that the development space of kraft paper bags in China is still very large, which also explains why kraft paper bags are so popular.